The maple leafs form their unit for the Olympics

Since the National Hockey League (NHL) does not release its players for the Winter Olympics, the Canadian Federation plans to use the 2017 Spengler Cup as a testing grounds for their Olympic team selection in exactly the same way as the Swiss National Team.

At the Spengler Cup, Team Canada has stood for tempo, power and spectacular ice hockey since 1984. Following their wins in 2015 and 2016, the Canadians only require one more triumph to equal the Davos host team’s record of 15 tournament wins. Regardless of the squad, Team Canada is a hot prospect for the Cup each and every year.

The rest of the ice hockey world has caught up to the superiority of the Canadians. The defending Champions were knocked off their throne in the finals of the World Championships by Sweden. During the championship, Switzerland also stole the show by winning in overtime. Nevertheless, Team Canada is the team to beat at this year’s Spengler Cup.

An Institution

This will be the Canadians’ 34th consecutive participation. In the meantime, Team Canada belongs at the Spengler Cup just as much as the idyllic Winter wonderland of Davos and the festiveness of the event – they have become an institution. What began as an experiment in 1984 (with a tournament win), has become a tradition - influencing the character of the event both on and off the ice. On the ice, Team Canada is a worthy opponent with their tempo, power and spectacular talent – always a team to be reckoned with to win the Cup.  Team Canada has provided us with many hockey technical highlights in the past – just think back to the lock-out team of 2012 when the selection of world stars (such as Tyler Seguin, John Tavares or Patrice Bergeron) brought the enthusiastic fans to a state of frenzy. The Canadians have also helped the Spengler Cup to reach a new dimension. On the one hand, naturally, with their athletic mastery as well as their popularity among fans and sponsors, while on the other hand, just by their presence at the tournament enabling live broadcasting on the Canadian TV market since 2002.