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Spengler Cup Davos

Oldest Club Tournament in the World

The Spengler Cup is considered the oldest international ice hockey team tournament. The trophy of the same name was awarded for the first time in 1923. The participating teams from all over the world are invited by the host Hockey Club Davos.

The Organizing Committee

The team around OC President Marc Gianola can draw on a lot of experience and count on valuable know-how and thus ensure the continuity of the traditional tournament around the Spengler Cup.

The comittee counts nearly 30 members who are supported on the tournament days by about 300 officials and volunteers.

Marc Gianola, President
m.gianola @ hcd.ch

Ivan Fanconi, Vice-President
i.fanconi @ hcd.ch

Fredi Pargätzi, International Relations & Team Acquisition
f.pargaetzi @ hcd.ch

Jacqueline Kühne, Head of Project
j.kuehne @ hcd.ch

Beat Equilino, Head of Sales
b.equilino @ hcd.ch

Lars Nay, Head of Media & Communications
l.nay @ hcd.ch


Teil der Spengler Cup-Crew werden?

An den Turniertagen sind rund 300 Funktionäre und Mitarbeitende in und rund um das Eisstadion Davos im Einsatz. 
Immer wieder suchen wir Helfende für diverse Positionen im Spielbetrieb, Zutrittskontrollen, Cateringbereichen, etc. 
Falls du also Lust hast vom 26. bis 31. Dezember beim Hockeyfest in Davos mitzuhelfen, melde dich bitte via unserem Online-Formular


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