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The oldest international ice hockey team tournament

Tournament on Invitation since 1923

The name of the tournament goes back to hockey enthusiastic founder Carl Spengler, the son of Alexander Spengler, who made Davos known as a health resort. The participating teams will be invited by the host Hockey Club Davos to the tournament.



Along with Team Canada, HC Sparta Praha, Frolunda HC, HC Ambri-Piotta, and host HC Davos, 2018 Spengler Cup champion KalPa Kuopio completes the group of competitors at this ye
Reglement und Spielmodus am Spengler Cup

Regulations & Format

Since 2010, the Spengler Cup is played among six teams using a new format. The game dates are set, however, the fixtures are known only for the first day of the six-day tournament.