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International ice hockey tournament

Article - International ice hockey tournament

The Tournament

Thrilling ice hockey since 1923

The first Spengler Cup match ever pits Wiener EV against Berliner SC. In addition to the first winners Oxford, Cambridge University and Hockey Club Davos are among the teams taking part. In 1924 15 teams battle it out for victory. The captain of Berliner SC receives the winner’s trophy after a final victory over HCD. With this tournament, strong in terms of both numbers and quality, Davos becomes the ice hockey centre of Europe in one stroke.

Ambri-Piotta accepts invitation


Shortly following the turn of the calendar, the team from the Leventina, as the defending champion, was invited to the 95th Spengler Cup as well. And of course - they accepted.

Ambri-Piotta or Sparta Prague?


HC Ambri-Piotta and Sparta Prague are set to clash in the final of the 94th Spengler Cup. For the Ticinesi a tournament victory would be the biggest success in club history.

Two semi-final premieres


On Friday the 94th Spengler Cup will feature to semi-final premieres: In the Battle of Switzerland, HC Davos will face off against Ambri-Piotta and Sparta Prague calls Örebro HK

Ticketing information

Be present at the oldest club tournament in the world and experience thrilling ice hockey. Enjoy the exhilarating and unique atmosphere in and around the Eisstadium in Davos.


The first Finnish Spengler Cup champion KalPa Kuopio, which won the tournament in 2018, is the sixth participant at the 95th Spengler Cup in 2023.


HC Dynamo Pardubice

Pardubice has been one of the best teams in the Czech Republic for years. For the six-time national champion it will be the third Spengler Cup participation.

Frölunda HC

It’s happening this time – välkommen Frölunda HC. The team from Gothenburg was scheduled to participate in 2021, but due to the COVID-19 pandemic the tournament was canceled.

HC Ambri-Piotta

The Leventines are a guarantee for atmosphere. They caused a sensation by winning the tournament last year. In 2023, they will be competing to defend the title.

HC Davos

In 2022, the host was in the semifinals, which is not a matter of course. Nevertheless, the last title dates back to 2011.

Team Canada

The Canadians became the sole Spengler Cup record winner in 2019 with their 16th Spengler Cup triumph. 2022 was not their year. Will title number 17 follow this year?

👋 We're looking forward to see you again in Davos! Former #SpenglerCup champion kalpa_hockey has officially signed the contract to attend the tournament again this year. The biggest surprise winner of the past decades returns to the place of its greatest triumph in club history. The first Finnish Spengler Cup champion KalPa Kuopio, which won the tournament in 2018, is the sixth participant at the 95th Spengler Cup in 2023.


Der grösste Überraschungssieger der letzten Jahrzehnte kehrt an den Ort seines grössten Triumphs in der Clubgeschichte zurück. Der erste finnische Spengler Cup Champion KalPa Kuopio, die 2018 das Turnier gewonnen hatten, ist der sechste Teilnehmer beim 95. Spengler Cup 2023. #SpenglerCup