Headcoach Arno Del Curto will coach his HCD at this year’s Spengler Cup for the 21st time! This year, HCD’s last game should be on December 31st - the final is the goal, the Cup is the mission.

Since 2011, the Hockey Club Davos has been striving for an additional Spengler Cup win. As host and home team, they are looking forward to top-class opponents, while also hoping that they will be the ones to claim the title on New Year’s eve. Four year’s running, the year has ended one day too early for the Davos hockey stars.

It took 42 years before HC Davos was able to win the Cup again in 2001. That is a long time compared to the 6-year stretch Arno Del Curto’s team is presently experiencing since their last win in 2011. It is a good sign, though, that this stretch seems like a long time. A very good sign. Ever since the team reached the playoff finals in 1998 under the direction of their legendary coach, HC Davos has been a top team able to achieve the unexpected.

At the 91st edition of the Spengler Cup, Arno Del Curto’s players are on a mission - the mission to play hockey on December 31st. In recent years, the team has been denied this honor by HC Lugano (2016), Team Canada (2015), HC Salavat Yulaev Ufa (2014) and ZSKA Moscow (2013). Although the last time the team made it to the finals in 2012 losing bitterly 2:7, the fans like to fondly remember it. The NHL lock-out had brought numerous hockey stars to Davos.