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Postponed is not cancelled

HC Dynamo Pardubice

The six-time Czech champion has constantly improved its Spengler Cup performances, going from last in 1987, to fourth in 2007, to second in the last edition in 2023. Will they make the jump to the top this year?

Dynamo Pardubice went through an emotional time following the 2023 Spengler Cup. Despite an athletically successful season up to that point – the Czechs won the Dolomite Cup against HCD, reached the quarterfinals of the Champions Hockey League, made the final of the Spengler Cup, and sat in second place after 35 rounds in the national Extraliga – the board surprisingly released head coach Vaclav Varada on January 18.
The former assistant coach Marek Zadina took over, additionally supported by Petr Sykora, the most successful Dynamo scorer in history with a rich HCD past as well. Under the new leadership duo, the team immediately moved to the top of the standings. Despite the additional Spengler Cup workload, the team lost just one of twelve games in January – and that one only in overtime.
At the end of the regular season, Pardubice was the undisputed 1st place, 10 points ahead of Sparta Prague.
So, Pardubice is and remains the top Czech team and wants to prove that internationally as well with a win at the Spengler Cup. What narrowly failed against HC Davos in 2023, shall now be made up in 2024. Immediately following the lost final, Pardubice’s representatives pushed for another invitation this year. And the tournament’s organizing committee gladly obliged.

Quelle: Spengler Cup-Onlineredaktion  Foto: Keystone