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"Bern Selection" nominates its squad

Article - "Bern Selection" nominates its squad


Just 24 hours after their tournament commitment, the "Bern Selection" have put together their squad for the 94th Spengler Cup. The team is led by veteran Beat Forster, who will be taking part in the Spengler Cup for the eleventh time. The "Bern Selection" will be led by all three club head coaches Törmänen, O'Leary and Lundskog. 

It was a most pleasing announcement in difficult times when the Spengler Cup OC was able to communicate the tournament participation of the "Bern Selection" on Monday afternoon. Only one day later the Bernese nominated their squad and the coaching staff. 

#36    Joren van Pottelberghe   EHC Biel
#84    Daniel Manzato                 SC Bern

#10    Juuso Hietanen                  Ambri-Piotta
#14    Colin Gerber                       SC Bern
#27    Anthony Huguenin              SCL Tigers
#29    Beat Forster                  EHC Biel
#32    Noah Schneeberger          EHC Biel
#34    Miro Zryd                           SCL Tigers
#75    Alexander Yakovenko        EHC Biel
#96    Mika Henauer                     SC Bern
#xx    noch offen


Head Coach             Antti Törmänen
Co-Coach                Jason O’Leary
Co-Coach                Johan Lundskog

Head of delegation  Raeto Raffainer

Quelle: Spengler Cup-media release

#7    Phil Varone                   SC Bern
#8    Vincent Praplan A       SC Bern
#9    Bobby Ryan                  Free Agent
#19    Christian Thomas      SC Bern
#26    Lauri Korpikoski        EHC Biel
#28    Alexandre Grenier    SCL Tigers
#33    Keijo Weibel               SCL Tigers
#40    Flavio Schmutz A      SCL Tigers
#69    Elvis Schläpfer          EHC Biel
#76    Jere Sallinen              EHC Biel
#77    Tino Kessler                EHC Biel
#79    Thierry Bader             SC Bern
#82    Harri Pesonen            SCL Tigers
#89    Cory Conacher           SC Bern
#92    Jesper Olofsson        SCL Tigers
#93    Nolan Diem                 SCL Tigers