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eSpengler Cup 2020

Article - eSpengler Cup 2020

eSpengler Cup 2020

The Spengler Cup was held digitally for the first time!

The Spengler Cup has its first digital Spengler Cup winner in its 97-year history. It was not until the last real event in December 2019 that Team Canada became the sole Spengler Cup record winner with their 16th tournament victory. Now, the North Americans have also won the first digital edition of the Spengler Cup, but the team was led from Germany by Tim Hess.
eSpengler Cup - Ablauf

eSpengler Cup – this is how it works!

To partake in the eSpengler Cup 2020 one simply needs an internet connection, screen, PS4, and the EA-Sports NHL21 game. To register for the e-tournament 2020 visit the tournament platform

There will be one qualifying tournament per team. That way, six qualifying tournaments with a maximum of 1,536 teams in total will take place from December 14 to 16, 2020. Per tournament one gamer will qualify for the final stage and represent their selected team on December 19, 2020. On that tournament day, the finalists for the grand finale on December 26, 2020 will be determined in the original Spengler Cup format. The final matchup will then be broadcast live on and commentated by SRF speaker Steven Krucker.


Price money of CHF 10'000 to be won!

The winner of the first ever eSpengler Cup will receive the prize money of CHF 6,000, second place CHF 2,500, and third place still CHF 1,500.

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