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2. eSpengler Cup 2021

Article - 2. eSpengler Cup 2021

The eSpengler Cup goes into the second round!

After the successful staging last year, the Spengler Cup organization decided to organize and further develop the digital version of the world-famous tournament again this year. Furthermore, the eSpengler Cup is now completely independent and has also received its own logo. In addition, it will be possible for all visitors of the "real" Spengler Cup Davos to play NHL 22 on the PlayStation 5 and record their own gameplay.

eSpengler Cup Qualifier

eSpengler Cup – this is how it works!

To participate in the eSpengler Cup 2021 you need an internet connection, a screen, a PS4 and the EA-Sports NHL22 Game. On the tournament platform gameturnier.ch/eSpenglerCup you can register for the participation in the eTournament 2021.

There is one qualifying tournament per team. That way, six qualifying tournaments with a maximum 1,536 gamers in total will take place from 07.11.2021 to 12.12.2021. After that, 6 finalists will be determined, who will be allowed to play the group stage. This will be played on 27, 28 and 29 December 2021. The grand final will then be played on December 30. The group stage as well as the grand final will take place in the Gameturnier Arena in Zurich.

Price money of CHF 10'000 to be won!

The winner of the second eSpengler Cup will receive the prize money of CHF 6,000, second place CHF 2,500, and third place still CHF 1,500.

For registration visit gameturnier.ch/eSpenglerCup

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Schedule for the eSpengler Cup 2021

In the original Spengler Cup mode, the six Final Stage participants compete against each other. Among them, the two finalists will be chosen to play for the second eSpengler Cup title in history. Are you the follower of Tim "Timasy" Hess, who won the title a year ago? Sign up and be part of it!

eSpengler Cup 2020

The Spengler Cup was held digitally for the first time!

The Spengler Cup has its first digital Spengler Cup winner in its 97-year history. It was not until the last real event in December 2019 that Team Canada became the sole Spengler Cup record winner with their 16th tournament victory. Now, the North Americans have also won the first digital edition of the Spengler Cup, but the team was led from Germany by Tim Hess.