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2. eSpengler Cup 2021

Article - 2. eSpengler Cup 2021

The eSpengler Cup is looking for its third winner!

Despite the two painful cancellations of the real Spengler Cup, there was one constant: the eSpengler Cup! It quickly became clear that an eSpengler Cup would also be needed in the new year - the third in a row. In 2021, the spectators got to see thrilling gaming. It was the expected heartbeat final between challenger Kevin "Kevinator" Würterle and the champion of 2020 Tim "Timasy" Hess. With a 1 to 1 in the best of three series, it went into the third, all-decisive game. In this game, Würterle and his Team Canada prevailed 4:3 and were crowned the 2nd eSpengler Cup Champion. The joy after the triumph was naturally enormous for the South German: "It's unbelievable! I can hardly put it into words! An extremely well organized tournament, brilliant opponents and of course great respect to Tim, who in my opinion is the best player in the German-speaking world. That makes the victory all the more special for me," beamed the 28-year-old in the interview.

The thrilling final and all other matches from the 2nd eSpengler Cup can be found on our Twitch-Kanal!

The company ESTUDIOS markets and organizes the eGaming tournament on behalf of the Spengler Cup Davos. 

For questions or interest please contact the project manager:
Hakan Pazarcikli, hakan@estudios.ch, +41 79 501 40 90




eStudios - eSpengler Cup Davos

You want to be part of it? Then go for it!

eSpengler Cup

eSpengler Cup – this is how it works!

To participate in the eSpengler Cup 2022 you need an internet connection, a screen, a PS5 and the EA-Sports NHL23 Game. On the tournament platform gameturnier.ch/eSpenglerCup you can register for the participation in the eTournament 2022.

There is one qualifying tournament per team. That way, six qualifying tournaments with a maximum 5000 gamers in total will take place from 22.10.2022 to 03.12.2022. After that, 6 finalists will be determined, who will be allowed to play the group stage. This will be played on 27, 28 and 29 December 2022. The grand final will then be played on December 30. The group stage as well as the grand final will take place at the Sponsoringvillage in Davos outside the Rink.

Price money of CHF 5'000 to be won!

The winner of the second eSpengler Cup will receive the prize money of CHF 3,000, second place CHF 1,500, and third place still CHF 500.

For registration visit gameturnier.ch/eSpenglerCup

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Schedule for the eSpengler Cup 2022

In the original Spengler Cup mode, the six final stage participants compete against each other. Among them, the two finalists will be chosen to play for the third eSpengler Cup title in history. Are you the successor of Kevin "Kevinator" Würterle, who won the title a year ago? Sign up and be part of it!

Upcoming Qualifier

HC Davos
Saturday, 26. November 2022

HC Sparta Praha
Saturday, 3. Dezember 2022

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List of Winners eSpengler Cup

3. eSpengler Cup 2022

Kevin Würterle verteidigt den Titel

In der „Best of 3“ Serie setze sich der dominante „Kevin Würterle“ mit 2:0 durch und krönte sich damit zum „Back2Back“ Champion des eSpengler Cup.


2. eSpengler Cup 2021

Kevin "Kevinator" Würterle dethrones Tim "Timasy" Hess

It was the expected heart-stopping final between challenger Kevin "Kevinator" Würterle and 2020 champion Tim "Timasy" Hess. The best-of-three series was tied at 1-1 before Würterle and his Team Canada pulled off a narrow 4-3 victory in the decisive third game to dethrone the reigning eSpengler Cup champions with Sparta Prague.

Champion eSpengler Cup

1. eSpengler Cup 2020

Tim "Timasy" Hess is the first winner of the eSpengler Cupe dethrones Tim "Timasy" Hess

In its 97-year history, the Spengler Cup had its first digital winner in 2020. After the painful cancellation of the "big, real brother," those responsible mobilized all available forces to revive the Spengler Cup digitally. Tim "Timasy" Hess prevailed over all his opponents with Team Canada and made history with the 1st eSpengler Cup victory! 

eSpengler Cup