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Torna «La Montanara»

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After Ambri-Piotta’s exciting performance at last year’s event, it was the Spengler Cup Organizing Committee’s great desire to have the Leventinas participate in the traditional tournament in 2020 as well. Now the “Biancoblu” have accepted the invitation.

A goose bump atmosphere with their emotional fans, fantastic on-ice performances of the team, and a nearly perfect ending – Ambri-Piotta at the Spengler Cup is a pleasant memory. The Leventinas’ first participation has left its marks in a big way.
The cult team from the Leventina District was founded in 1937, making it the first ice hockey club in Ticino. Around 13 years later the team played in the National League A for the first time and won the Swiss Cup in 1962. In recent history the club has focused on its roots even more. After a few dismal years, the Leventinas, with head coach Luca Cereda and athletic director Paolo Duca, reached the playoffs again in 2019 and took part at the Spengler Cup in last December - for the first time and highly successfully.

Second participation at the Spengler Cup in Davos
The traditional team has been carried by its passionate fans for decades. The Leventina villages Ambrì, Piotta, Scruengo, Varenzo, Ronco, Deggio, Lurengo, and Altanca have a combined population of only slightly more than 1000. A multitude more regularly fills the 7000-spectator home ice arena “Pista la Valascia”.
A large part of those supporters also accompanied HC Ambri-Piotta to Davos last year. Together they celebrated two of HCAP’s Spengler Cup wins, which carried the team into the semifinals. There the Leventinas only fell in an extraordinarily tight overtime loss to the Czech representatives of Trinec. In 2020 the journey should carry on. HC Ambri-Piotta is poised to once again light a spark both on the ice and in the stands.
The whole Spengler Cup family is already delighted for their hymn “La Montanara” to sound through Eisstadion Davos.

Text: Spengler Cup-Online  Foto: Keystone

Zwerger, Ambri-Piotta