SPENGLER CUP 2020 CANCELLED | Spengler Cup Davos




Due to the impact of the corona pandemic, this year’s edition of the oldest ice hockey club tournament, the Spengler Cup in Davos, from December 26 to 31, 2020, unfortunately, has to be cancelled.

It is a decision that will go down in sports history! In the nearly 100-year history of the Spengler Cup since its first edition in 1923, this will mark only the fifth time - after 1939, 1940, 1949, and 1956 - that the tournament has to be cancelled. Accordingly, it was a difficult decision for the organizing committee (OC) to make. Facts, uncertainties, and risks, that influence the traditional tournament in regard to the corona pandemic, were discussed and evaluated within the OC and in many discussions with external experts: the Spengler Cup advisory board, the HC Davos board of directors, and partners. A decision needed to be made that took into consideration the tournament’s reputation from a social, athletic, and economical standpoint. In the end, those responsible needed to concede that there were too many arguments against carrying out the tournament in December 2020. 

According to the OC’s findings, planning the field of participating teams as well as the general safety measures present the largest issues, which make a tournament in 2020 practically impossible. The travel to and from the tournament for the teams from Finland, Russia, the Czech Republic, and Canada is currently only possible under strict adherence to the quarantine policies, if at all. In addition, the current trend shows a clear rise in infection rates, which could lead to middle or short term cancellations by one or more participants - thus, forcing games to be cancelled-, travel restrictions, and/or government decrees making the tournament unlikely. 

Visitors, athletes, and partners appreciate the unique atmosphere at the tournament in Davos. “A Spengler Cup without fan tent, without EISDome, in a half-empty stadium, and without standing room has nothing in common the with the hockey festival we have become accustomed to. Even with the best safety concept this would not have possible to realize. The health of all participating teams and that they could return to their home countries in good health, was always the highest priority in our evaluation. We cannot make that guarantee”, OC president Mark Gianola explains the cancellation. 

For all these reasons those responsible had to - with great regret- cancel this year’s edition of the tournament. The OC is convinced that the 94th edition of the Spengler Cup Davos from December 26 to 31, 2021 will take place and looks forward to welcoming all Spengler Cup fans in Davos next year. 

Quelle: Press release September 29, 2020