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Pardubice finish atop their group with narrow win

Article - Pardubice finish atop their group with narrow win


Dynamo Pardubice defeated KalPa Kuopio 2-1 on Thursday afternoon to secure the top spot in their group. Tomas Zohorna scored the game-winner for the leader in the Czech league 174 seconds before the end of regulation.

It was a hectic game, which Dynamo Pardubice could have decided in its favour early on. Instead, as the game went on, the Czechs had to increasingly fear for their win. Pardubice pushed mightily in the opening minutes. KalPa’s goaltender Juha Jatkola prevented an early deficit with several big saves. And also had some luck on his side when Tomas Hyka hit the goal post (5th minute of play). The Finns only found their footing with their first powerplay. Pardubice still enjoyed more possession but KalPa became increasingly dangerous with quick attacks in transition. The score remained tied at zero after two periods. Partially also because head referee disallowed a goal by Matej Paulovic after a long video review, because the net had been moved beforehand (24th minute). Pardubice also suffered some bad luck once again, when Martin Kaut hit the goal post (27th minute).

When Robert Kousal put Pardubice ahead 61 seconds into the third period, the game seemed to be taking its expected course. But the Finns reacted with an emphatic display of grit and tempo. In addition, the Czechs made it hard on themselves by getting into penalty trouble. On the powerplay, Aleksi Klemetti redirected a long-range shot by Colby Sissons into the net to make it 1-1 (49th minute). The Finns subsequently were closer to the go-ahead goal. But the decision came on the other side of the ice with a precise shot by Tomas Zohorna 174 seconds before the end of regulation. The Czechs were able to preserve their win despite 4-on-6 man-advantage for the Finns in the final 24.9 seconds.

Pardubice now has time to rest and prepare until their semi-final matchup on Saturday evening. The opponent is not yet determined. KalPa, on the other hand, will have to be on the ice for its next game tomorrow evening.

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