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Matej Stransky ends Ambri’s fairy tale Spengler Cup run

Article - Matej Stransky ends Ambri’s fairy tale Spengler Cup run


Ambri-Piotta falls to Trinec 3-2 in overtime of Spengler Cup semi-final

Ambri’s Spengler Cup fairy tale ended abruptly on Monday night. In a spectacular semi-final bout, the Ticinesi lost to Trinec Ocelari 3-2 in overtime. Matej Stransky scored the game-winner 106 seconds into the extra frame. The Czech champions will face Team Canada in the final on Tuesday at noon.

The many Ambri fans amongst the 6300 in attendance made a mad house of the sold-out Davoser Eisstadion. Carried by their supporters, the Ticinesi players lit the on-ice fireworks in the first period, creating good to outstanding scoring opportunities by the minute. The result was 18 shots on net of Trinec’s netminder Petr Kvaca in the first 20 minutes alone. Yet input and output did not match up. Only fourth-line forward Giacomo Dal Pian, making his Spengler Cup debut after a hand injury, was able to beat Kvaca. He has scored only once in 28 championship games for Ambri this season.

The second period was highlighted by feisty battles along the boards. The Czechs now shaped a more even contest. True scoring chances became rarer on both sides. After a perfect puck movement by Rostyslav Martynek, Ondrej Kovarcik took advantage of the open space to make it 1-1 46 seconds before the second intermission. The second assist went to his brother Michal Kovarcik.

The Czechs brought the momentum with them into the third period. Their pressure phase resulted in the 2-1 go-ahead goal on Vladimir Dvorecky’s finish after a wonderful setup. It took Ambri several minutes to recover from the blow. But the Ticinesi then reacted vehemently. Brian Flynn scored the well-deserved tying goal, unstoppably redirecting a long-range shot by Igor Jelovac (52.).106 seconds into overtime, though, it was Matej Stransky who abruptly ended Ambri’s fantastic Spengler Cup appearance. Alone in front of the net, the Czech forward left Daniel Manzato no chance.

Ambri-Piotta – Ocelari Trinec 2-3 OT (1-0, 0-1, 1-1, 0-1)

Eisstadion Davos. – Attendance 6300 (sold out). –Referees Hebeisen/Salonen (SUI/FIN), Progin/Schischlo (SUI/RUS).
Scoring: 5. Dal Pian (Incir, Douay) 1-0. 40. Ondrej Kovarcik (Martynek, Michal Kovarcik) 1-1. 46. Dravecky (Grenat, Stransky) 1-2. 52. Flynn (Jelovac) 2-2. 62. (61:46) Stransky (Martynek, Musil) 2-3.
Penalties: 2 minors on Ambri-Piotta, 4 minors Trinec.

Ambri-Piotta: Manzato; Fora, Dotti; Plastino, Jelovac; Ngoy, Pinana; Fohrler; Trisconi, Goi, Egli; Flynn, D'Agostini, Wolski; Miranda, Müller, Zwerger; Dal Pian, Sabolic, Douay; Incir.

Trinec: Kvaca; Doudera, Gernat; Hrachovsky, Musil; Adamek, Zahradnicek; Haman; Stransky, Marcinko, Dravecky; Ondrej Kovarcik, Michal Kovarcik; Martynek; Chmielewski, Polansky, Adamsky; Novotny, Mikulik, Hrna; Szturc.
Game notes: Ambri without Bianchi, Conz, Hofer, Kneubühler, Kostner, Novotny and Rohrbach (all injured) and Moor, Mazzolini, Hinterkircher and Fischer (all healthy scratches).

Text: Spengler Cup-Online Foto: Keystone