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Klasen shoots HCD into the semi-finals

Article - Klasen shoots HCD into the semi-finals


Davos wins the hard-fought quarter-final game against Trinec 3-1

HC Davos will play against KalPa Kuopio on Sunday evening (8:15 pm) at the Spengler Cup to decide who qualifies for the finals. The home team secured their qualification for the semi-finals with their victory against the Czech championship leader Trinec 3-1. Double-scorer Linus Klasen and goaltender Anders Lindbäck stuck out amongst the strong HCD squad.

The Czechs began by resolutely dictating the game. The Davos team only gained momentum during the two penalties against Trinec, although they were unable to create any real goal chances. Both teams then switched from primarily defensive to offensive play, providing the 6,300 spectators with a fantastic match-up with many scoring opportunities. Determined, Linus Klasen scored a goal after receiving a pass from Dario Simion in the 15th minute to give Davos the lead.

Several penalties hindered the flow of the game in the second period. The home team came increasingly under pressure and the goaltender Anders Lindbäck became the center of attention. Tino Kessler missed making it 2-0 when he attempted a speedy counterattack. Due to the flow of the game – 9-4 shots-on-goal for the Czechs – it seemed only a matter of time until the equalizing goal would happen. After an advance by Trinec Captain Lukas Krajicek and his cross pass, Ondrej Kovarcik was able to land the puck in the net shortly before the end of the second period to make it 1-1.

At the beginning of the last period it was obvious that HCD was back in the game. Both teams intensively sought to decide the game which led to a spectacular slugfest with many scoring opportunities and exceptional defensive maneuvers by both goalies. Klasen emerged as the match winner. After a shot-on-goal by Ambühl, the Swede reacted the quickest and scored on the rebound. The Czechs answered fiercely but failed to beat the exceptional HCD goaltender Lindbäck, who defended 27 shot-on-goal during the entire game. Dino Wieser scored an empty netter almost exactly as the game-ending siren rang.

Davos – Ocelari Trinec 3-1 (1-0, 0-1, 2-0)

Vaillant Arena, Davos – 6,300 spectators (sold-out) – REF Gofman/Hebeisen (RUS/SUI), Gnemmi/Progin.

Scoring: 15. Klasen (Simion) 1-0. 37.Kovarcik (Krajicek) 1-1. 48. Klasen (Ambühl, Simion) 2-1. 60. (59:59) Dino Wieser 3-1 (empty netter).

Penalties: 4 times 2 minutes against Davos, 7 times 2 minutes against Ocelari Trinec.

Davos: Lindbäck; Nygren, Payr; Du Bois, Buchli; Stoop, Sanguinetti; Jung, Heldner; Klasen, Simion, Ambühl; Frehner, Meyer, Bader; Corvi, Dino Wieser, Hischier; Egli, Aeschlimann, Kessler.

Ocelari Trinec: Hrubec; Gernat, Krajicek; Kundratek, Galwins; Roth, Musil; Adamek; Hrna, Marcinko, Ruzicka; Adamsky, Polansky, Svacina; Cienciala, Korvacik, Chielewski; Bukarts, Mikulik, Dravecky; Christov.

Notes: Davos without Kparghai, Lindgren, Pestoni, Rödin and Marc Wieser (all healthy scratches).