Der HCD ist bereits ausgeschieden | Spengler Cup Davos

Der HCD ist bereits ausgeschieden

Article - Der HCD ist bereits ausgeschieden


Davos falls 3-1 to Turku in quarterfinal

HC Davos’ campaign has already ended in great disappointment on day four of the 93rd Spengler Cup. The home team lost its quarterfinal matchup against TPS Turku 3-1 on Sunday afternoon. The match winners for the resounding Finns were two-goal scorer Joel Janatuinen and goaltender Julius Pohjanoska.

The game between Davos and Turku became an increasing game of nerves as time went on. The game started well for the home team. In the ninth minute of play, a fine solo effort by 21-year-old Yannick Frehner gave it the deserved lead. Yet Davos still was not able to increase the intensity or pressure for longer periods of time. The Finns played it clever and built up their offence remarkably calmly. The result was the 1-1 by Lauri Pajuniemi in the 16th minute.

Davos was unable to take advantage of a powerplay opportunity to begin the second period. Without the injured Perttu Lindgren it lacked surprising and sparking ideas. The longer the game went on, the more cautious both teams became. They focused on avoiding mistakes and allowing the opponent chances for counter attacks. Consequently, true scoring opportunities became increasingly rare. Many players also appeared worn down from playing three games in as many days. And the HCD players that had been rested in the 5-1 loss to Team Canada the day before were unable to make a difference.

In the third period the Finns took more initiative. Shortly after the second intermission it was captain Lauri Korpikoski who set the tone by hitting the goalpost. Davos seemed paralyzed with the fear of losing. Many passes did not reach their targets and it lost most of its man-to-man battles. Harri Pesonen missed the only notable scoring chance (47.). Joel Janatuinen did much better shortly thereafter. He marched around Lorenz Kienzle and scored the 2-1 go-ahead. Davos tried to react, but continuously failed to get past the solid Turku keeper Julius Pohjanoska. Then the 25-year-old Janatuinen decided the game with his second marker 287 before the end of regulation.

TPS Turku – Davos 3-1 (1-1, 0-0, 2-0)

Eisstadion Davos. – Attendance 6036 – Referees Lemelin/Romasko (USA/RUS), Kaderli/Nikulainen (SUI/FIN).
Scoring: 9. Frehner (Nygren, Meyer) 0-1. 16. Pajuniemi (Parssinen) 1-1. 49. Janatuinen (Wirtanen, Tirronen) 2-1. 56. Janatuinen (Karvonen) 3-1.
Penalties: 2 minors on TPS Turku, 3 minors on Davos.

TPS Turku: Tirronen; Piskula, Olsson; Viro, Larsson; Salonen, Sund; Windlert, Kuru; Budish, Filppula, Korpikoski; Janatuinen, Wirtanen, Pyythia; Nurmi, Parssinen, Pajuniemi; Suoranta, Karvonen, Holm.

Davos: Sandro Aeschlimann; Du Bois, Jung; Nygren, Guerra; Rantakari, Stoop; Kienzle; Marc Wieser, Corvi, Pesonen; Kristo, Ambühl, Tedenby; Baumgartner, Wellman, Palushaj; Herzog, Marc Aeschlimann, Frehner; Meyer.

Game notes: Davos without Hischier, Paschoud, Lindgren, Bader und Dino Wieser (all injured) and Kessler, Heinen and Barandun (all healthy scratches). – 41. Korpikoski hits goalpost. – Davos empty-netted from 57:41 to 58:21 and from 58:48.