The Czech champions knock out Salavat Yulaev Ufa in the quarterfinal | Spengler Cup Davos

The Czech champions knock out Salavat Yulaev Ufa in the quarterfinal

Article - The Czech champions knock out Salavat Yulaev Ufa in the quarterfinal


Ocelari Trinec defeats Salavat Yulaev Ufa 3-2

Despite their clearly best performance in the 93rd Spengler Cup, Salavat Yulaev Ufa was eliminated in the quarterfinals. The Russians lost 2-3 against Ocelari Trinec on Sunday evening and the Czech champions will now face HC Ambri-Piotta in the semifinals on Monday evening.

At the beginning of the game, Czech champion Trinec demonstrated their resourcefulness to reach their goal of at least qualifying for the semifinals at the Spengler Cup to celebrate their 90th club anniversary. Salavat's goalkeeper Andrei Kareev was tested for the first time after just seven seconds. In the fifth minute, Jiri Polansky crowned Trinec's starting offensive with the go-ahead goal. For their part, the Russians were visibly eager to make amends after their modest first Spengler Cup appearances. They performed with considerably more commitment. 

To the joy of the 5606 spectators, this resulted in a spectacular game - especially in the second period. After a few seconds, Aryom Sergeyev slammed the puck against the post. Trinec scored the 2-0 in a sensational way in a direct counterattack, when Matej Stransky’s long high shot had the puck changing direction so much on impact that goalkeeper Jakub Stepanek was literally caught on the wrong foot. Only 30 seconds later, Alex Kruchinin launched the chase to catch-up with a goal. However, Salavat could not make use of the opportunity to equalize during 78 seconds of double overtime. Danil Bashkirov subsequently sunk the puck after 35 minutes to even the score at 2-2.

In the evenly-matched third period, Rostislav Martinek scored the only powerplay goal of the match to decide the game. He deflected a shot from Aron Chmielewski into the net two seconds before the end of the penalty time. The Russians tried valiantly to achieve a 3-3 draw, but failed several times due to a strong Stepanek.

Ocelari Trinec – Salavat Yuaev Ufa 3-2 (1-0, 1-2, 1-0)

Eisstadion Davos – Attendance 5606 – Referees Salonen/Stricker (FIN/SUI), Schlegel/Schischlo (SUI/RUS).

Scoring: 5. Polansky (Adamsky, Chmielewski) 1-0. 21. (20:45) Stransky (Dravecky) 2-0. 22. Kruchinin (Gimatow, Kartajew) 2-1. 36. Baschkirow (Pimenow) 2-2. 51. Martynek (Chmielewski, Doudera/Ausschluss Kruchinin) 3-2.

Penalties: 4 minors on Trinec, 3 minors on Ufa.

Trinec: Stepanek; Doudera, Gernat; Musil, Galvins; Adamek, Zahradnicek; Hrachovsky; Stransky, Marcinsko, Dravecky; Ondrej Kovarcik, Michal Kovarcik, Martynek; Chmielewski, Polansky, Adamsky; Szturc, Mikulik, Kofron; Hrna.

Ufa: Karejew; Sergejew, Koledow; Zuligin, Lisowez; Garejew, Muchamadullin; Petrischew; Soschnikow, Burmistrow, Omark; Gimatow, Kartajew, Kruchinin; Majorow, Pimenow, Soloduchin; Amirow, Pustozerow, Baschkirow; Kuzmin.

Game notes: 21. Sergejew hits goalpost – 57:29 Ufa timeout - Ufa empty netted from 58:25.