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«Bern Selection» mixing up 94th Spengler Cup!

Article - «Bern Selection» mixing up 94th Spengler Cup!


Group of participants is complete again - “Bern Selection” mixing up 94th Spengler Cup!

After the first replacement in Slovakian club HC Slovan Bratislava was found only a few hours after Team Canada and HC Ambri-Piotta withdrew, it is now clear how the group of participants will be completed.

With great support of the three National League clubs SC Bern, EHC Biel, and SCL Tigers it was possible to put together a selection of players of these three teams that will travel to Davos together to participate as the sixth team at the traditional tournament. The team “Bern Selection” will definitely guarantee a great show, both on the ice and in the stands.

In the next hours, the GMs of Bern, Biel, and Langnau will put together the roster and staff of this selection. There will be continuously updated communications in this regard. The organizing committee continues to work hard on a new game schedule, adjusted ticket sale, and other organizational changes.

This website will be continuously expanded and updated in regard to the new information as it becomes available.
We ask all tournament visitors for some patience until all open questions can be answered.

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