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Ambri-Piotta accepts invitation

Article - Ambri-Piotta accepts invitation


It succeeded in its second participation after 2019. HC Ambri-Piotta won the 94th Spengler Cup title in the final against Sparta Prague, crowning itself with an exhilarating performance. Shortly following the turn of the calendar, the team from the Leventina, as the defending champion, was invited to the 95th Spengler Cup as well. It did not take long before Ambri’s response arrived. 

Once again, they created an amazing atmosphere during Boxing Week in Davos. The Ambri fans travelled to the Landwasser Valley in the thousands and experienced a team, which entered the tournament with a clear mission. The team of head coach Luca Cereda qualified for the final of the 94th Spengler Cup with 17 goals in three games. There the Ticinesi overcame Sparta Prague in a nerve-racking shootout victory. An unwritten rule says that the winner is always invited to defend its title. This invitation was extended in the first days of January and was instantly accepted by the team from the Leventina. President Filippo Lombardi is excited and gives thanks, “It will be an exceptional honour to participate in the anniversary tournament and try to defend the title there.” Ambri-Piotta will take part in its third Spengler Cup in 2023, and will once again provide goosebump moments, at the very latest when “La Montanara” sounds throughout Davos’ Eisstadion. 

Ticket presales for the 95th Spengler Cup begin at the end of May 2023. 

Quelle: Spengler Cup-Media release  Foto: Keystone