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Alexander Ruuttu dominates Trinec

Article - Alexander Ruuttu dominates Trinec


KalPa celebrate their premiere at the Spengler Cup with a 3-1 win against Trinec

At their Spengler Cup debut on Thursday afternoon, KalPa from Kuopio won 3-1 against Ocelari Trinec. Alexander Ruuttu dazzled as the first player to shoot 2 goals in one game.

The young Finns from Kuopio and the Czech league leader Trinec provided a typical Spengler Cup match-up – exactly as the spectators love - offensively with lots of tempo and numerous goal opportunities, following the motto “play and let play”. That only 4 goals were scored is primarily thanks to the efforts of the KalPa goaltender Denis Godla. The 23-year old in the Finnish net – who played for Slovakia at the World Championships last season – kept his team in the game with his spectacular saves. He deflected 29 out of 30 shots-on-goal, giving him a defensive quota of 96.67 percent. At times it seemed the Czechs were careless with their goal opportunities.

The first goal was scored by Alexander Ruuttu when he accepted a fantastic straight pass from Jaakko Rissanen (13th minute). The scorer has ice hockey in his blood: his father Christian Ruuttu participated in 663 NHL games. Towards the end of his career, he played for the Grasshoppers in the B National League during the 1996/97 season. When the defender Martin Gernat shot the equalizing goal for the seemingly overpowering Czech team in the 33rd minute, the spell seemed to be broken. But only 53 seconds was needed by Alexandre Texier to take advantage of a defensive mistake by Trinec to counterattack and take the lead 2-1. Ruuttu sunk his personal second goal just 32 seconds into the third period to decide the game.

KalPa Kuopio – Ocelari Trinec 3-1 (1-0, 1-1, 1-0)

Vaillant Arena, Davos. – 5,942 spectators – REF Gofman/Stricker (RUS/SUI), Castelli/Gnemmi.

Scoring: 13. Ruuttu (Rissanen, Texier) 1-0. 33. (32:26) Gernat (Bukarts) 1-1. 34. (33:19) Texier 2-1. 41. (40:32) Ruuttu 3-1.

Penalties: 4 times 2 minutes against KalPa Kuopio, 6 time 2 minutes against Ocelari Trinec.

KalPa Kuopio: Godla; Wilson, Leskinen; Fairchild, Seppälä; Lappalainen, Riekkinen; Mäkinen, Gröndahl; Ruuttu, Rissanen, Texier; Kantola, Luostarinen, Klemetti; Jokinen, Nuutinen, Sebok; Knuutinen, Hyvärinen, Vainiola.

Ocelari Trinec: Danecek; Gernat, Musil; Kundratek, Galwins; Adamek, Matyas; Haman; Hrna, Marcinko, Ruzicka; Adamsky, Polansky, Svacina; Bukarts, Novotny, Dravecky; Cienciala, Kovarcik, Chmielewski; Christov