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Article - 2G-RULE AT 2021 TOURNAMENT


After last week’s decision by the Federal Council, Switzerland now has more stringent Covid regulations in place. In order to accommodate these new rules and allow all Spengler Cup visitors an almost normal visit to the event, the organizing committee has decided to put a 2G-rule (Vaccinated or Convalescent) in place. In that way, vaccinated and recovered spectators will be able to attend the tournament without any further restrictions.

Based on the ruling by the federal government, had a 3G-rule been applied, all spectators and functionaries would have been required to wear a face mask for the duration of their stay within the stadium. In addition, consumptions would have been allowed only while seated. With the 2G-rule in place, these restrictions are dropped. As such the tournament can be attended without a face mask, and food and beverages can be consumed as usual.

“In applying the 2G-rule, many uncomfortable restrictions on our tournament guests are removed, allowing everyone a next to normal visit at this event”, Marc Gianola, president of the organizing committee, explains the decision. “In addition, this will allow us to implement the regulations set forth by the authorities. Enforcing the 3G-rule + mask would have been possible only with an enormous investment in both security and personnel, if at all.”
The new regulations will also affect various side events around the traditional tournament. As such, several events will be canceled or run in an adjusted format to accommodate the new regulations. The Spengler Cup Davos supports all efforts to overcome the pandemic and, thus, will follow the league’s recently implemented 2G-rule for all Swiss championship games.
The organizing committee also appeals to each guest’s own responsibility to adhere to common hygiene and behavioural practices, despite the 2G-rule.

Quelle: Spengler Cup-media release  Foto: Keystone