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Welcome to the Spengler Cup Hall of Fame


This year we are celebrating the 100th anniversary of the Spengler Cup. Hockey teams played for the trophy donated by Dr. Carl Spengler for the first time in 1923. The first seven players will be inducted into the new Spengler Cup Hall of Fame during Boxing Week 2023.

From earning pocket change to top linesman


The Spengler Cup is a highlight for all participants. For referees as well. ‘There is magic in the air at the Spengler Cup in this nice ice arena with the snow-covered mountains and top teams’, says Dario Fuchs.

In his father’s footsteps


Thanks to the Spengler Cup Daniel Audette will play for his home country Canada for the second time and says, ‘the Spengler Cup was my very first touchpoint with European hockey.’

Return to the country of longing


Carl Klingberg was a forward on EV Zug for seven years – Switzerland became his second home. Now the edgy winger returns to this place with Frolunda.

The prophesied hockey pro


His grandfather was hockey professional, his father and uncle even played in the NHL. And his mother was ranked 67th worldwide in tennis. David Musil was truly dealt good genes.

Hockey is being celebrated!


A year ago, Dominik Egli’s childhood dream came true with his first Spengler Cup participation. This year he not only wants to participate with “his” HCD but also win the whole thing.

We are ready to fight


Lasse Lappalainen can call himself Spengler Cup champion. He was there in 2018 when KalPa staged the major upset. Now he returns with “his” club to the site of the victory

Joe Thornton returns to the Spengler Cup


Hockey Canada has named the management group that will lead Team Canada at the Spengler Cup 2023. Brad Pascall and Joe Thornton named co-GM, Hnat Domenichelli to serve as assistant

To live up to its reputation


Hockey Canada is working on its image within its own country and is eyeing the final at the 95th Spengler Cup. Also as a reputation.