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UBS und Spengler Cup verlängern bis 2023

News - UBS und Spengler Cup verlängern bis 2023


Der Spengler Cup Davos und UBS verlängern ihre Zusammenarbeit um fünf Jahre von 2019 bis 2023.

Spengler Cup Davos and UBS are extending their partnership for another 5 years, from 2019 to 2023, continuing their successful collaboration which began in 1985.

«UBS is proud to be a partner and sponsor of the Spengler Cup since 1985. With the signing of this contract extension, UBS underlines its solidarity with the home market and with Swiss sports for the future», said Axel P. Lehmann, President UBS Switzerland, regarding this close collaboration.

Groundbreaking Step into the Future

«UBS and the Spengler Cup organization are well aware that continued success requires consistency. This, and the fact that both parties put much emphasis on the methods used to achieve these goals, is what defines the partnership», said Marc Gianola, OC-President Spengler Cup Davos, confirming the organizations' mutual trust.

Celebrating 100 Years Together

«We look forward to the upcoming Cups, especially to 2023, when we will be able to celebrate 100 Years of the Spengler Cup together», said Lehmann. He and Gianola expect this to be a special highlight of the collaboration and plan a memorable joint event.

Top Performance and Young Talents

The 92nd Davos Spengler Cup will take place from December 26–31, 2018. Since the beginning of the collaboration, UBS has honored the top performing athletes, with the «UBS Key Player Award» going to the best player of each team at the end of every game. The audience in the stadium and the fans watching on TV at home will vote using the official Spengler Cup App. In addition, young ice hockey talents will again have the opportunity to practice with their idols at the “Youth Practice with the Spengler Cup Stars” event.