Tommi Jokinen schiesst Kalpa Kuopio in den Halbfinal | Spengler Cup Davos

Tommi Jokinen schiesst Kalpa Kuopio in den Halbfinal

News - Tommi Jokinen schiesst Kalpa Kuopio in den Halbfinal


Metallurg Magnitogorks verliert am Spengler Cup gegen KalPa Kuopio mit 1:0 nach Verlängerung.


KalPa Kuopio produced the first upset on Friday afternoon at the 92nd Spengler Cup. The young Finns beat Metallurg Magnitogorsk. The only goal was shot by Tommi Jokinen in overtime after 167 seconds.

Pure suspense throughout the last game of the Torriani group. The game was an offensive extravaganza because both teams were well-organized, disciplined and took few risks. In addition, both goaltenders intervened successfully in the rare precarious situations during the regular game time, allowing no goals to be scored. A 0-0 after 60 minutes has not happened at the Spengler Cup in a very long time – not since the introduction of the finals in 1986. Only during overtime – where 3-on-3 players compete – were the Finns able to score the only goal. Otto Leskinen superbly out-maneuvered so that KalPa’s Captain Tommi Jokinen could beat Magnitogorsk’s goalie Artem Zagidulin in the 62:47 minute of the game. The Finn Daniel Manzato was able to celebrate a shutout. The Ambri goalie is assisting KalPa Kuopio at the Spengler Cup due to Jonathan Iilahti being injured.

With this win making them group leader, the Finns qualify directly for the semi-finals on Sunday. Metallurg Magnitogorsk will have to take the indirect route via the quarter-finals on Saturday. The opponent from the Cattini group will be known after tonight’s match-up between Team Canada and the Nuremberger Ice Tigers. The Russians are paying the price for reserving their key players such as Viktor Antipin, Nikolai Kulemin, Matt Ellison, Jewgeni Birjukow and Dennis Rasmussen.

Metallurg Magnitogorsk – KalPa Kuopio 0-1 in overtime

Vaillant Arena, Daovs – 5,509 spectators – REF Gofman/Hebeisen (RUS/SUI), Fuchs/Gnemmi.

Scoring: 63. (62:47) Jokinen (Rissanen, Leskinen) 0-1.

Penalties: each 3 times 2 minutes.


Metallurg Magnitogorsk: Sagidulin; Bereglassow, Rylow; Igoschew, Matuschkin; Saizew, Wereschtschagin; Wassiljew; Bulir, Tschibissow, Ljubimow; Pakarinen, Warfolomejew, Nekolenko; Juri Platonow, Dennis Platonow, Timkin; Djukarew, Dorofejew, Jaskow.

KalPa Kuopio: Manzato; Wilson, Leskinen; Fairchild, Seppälä; Mäkinen, Gröndahl; Lappalainen, Nousiainen; Ruuttu, Rissanen, Texier; Kantola, Luostarinen, Piipponen; Nuutinen, Knuutinen, Vainiola; Jokinen, Kononen, Sebok.