Ein 18-Jähriger schiesst den HCD zum Sieg | Spengler Cup Davos

Ein 18-Jähriger schiesst den HCD zum Sieg

News - Ein 18-Jähriger schiesst den HCD zum Sieg


Der HC Davos besiegt am Spengler Cup die Thomas Sabo Ice Tigers mit 3:2

In an absolutely spectacular game, HC Davos wins against the Thomas Sabo Ice Tigers 3-2 at the Spengler Cup Thursday night. The Germans caught up after falling behind 0-2. The winning goal was shot by the 18-year old defenseman Julian Payr in the sold-out Vaillant Arena. Game winner for HCD was also the outstanding goalie Gilles Senn.

After Davos began its last 3 games under Coach Harijs Witolinsch by falling behind in the first period each time, they started the game against the Ice Tigers powerfully. Their intense concentration in the first period paid off with 2 brilliant goals. Inti Pestoni, elegantly and with lots of speed, skated around Nuremberg’s defenseman Marcus Weber before he left the goaltender Niklas Treutle no chance to deflect (6th minute). Just 64 seconds later Dario Simion completed a textbook combination from Andres Ambühl via Niklas Klasen to sink a direct pass into the net.

Taking advantage of a power play situation at the start of the second period, the Germans found their way into the game. Senn became the focus. He displayed his best defensive maneuvers against Chris Brown and following the end of a penalty also against Chad Bassen, both solo attacks. For HCD Coach Witolinsch it was clear that the time had come, in the 26th minute, for a timeout to bring the Davos team back into the game. The result was a more open, spectacular slugfest with many scoring opportunities for both sides (13-14 shots-on-goal in the second period alone). Brandon Buck scored in a counterattack to reduce HCD’s lead to one (37th minute).

In an enthralling final period, the Olympic silver-medal winner Leo Pföderl increased the intensity of the game by scoring the equalizing goal during a power play situation for the guests (49th minute). Of all the players, it was the youngest on the ice that landed the deciding puck in the net. The 18-year old HCD defenseman Julian Payr scored after receiving a cross pass from Klasen. Senn defended his team’s narrow lead for the remaining time. The HCD goaltender demonstrated his magnificent skills. He deflected 33 shots-on-goal and was selected as Davos’ best player of the game.

Davos – Nuremberg Ice Tigers 3-2 (2-0, 0-1, 1-1)

Vaillant Arena, Davos. – 6,300 spectators (sold-out). – REF Hebeisen/Watson (SUI/USA), Fuchs/Wüst.

Scoring: 6. (5:32) Pestoni (Jung, Heldner) 1-0. 7. (6:36) Simion (Klasen, Ambühl) 2-0. 37. Buck (Bast) 2-1. 49. Pföderl (Ausschluss Sanguinetti) 2-2. 52. Payr (Klasen, Ambühl) 3-2.

Penalties: 3 times 2 minutes against Davos, 4 times 2 minutes against Nuremberg Ice Tigers.

Davos: Senn; Nygren, Payr; Stoop, Du Bois; Kparghai, Sanguinetti; Jung, Heldner; Klasen, Simion, Ambühl; Frehner, Bader, Hischier; Meyer, Corvi, Pestoni; Egli, Aeschlimann, Kessler.

Nuremberg Ice Tigers: Treutle; Aronson, Festerling; Mebus, Lalonde; Weber, Gilbert; Bender, Jurcina; Pföderl, Weiss, Reimer; Bassen, Bast, Buck; Lerg, Acton, Brown; Dupuis, Fox, Segal.

Notes: Davos without Lindgren, Buchli, Dino Wieser, Marc Wieser und Rödin (all healthy scratches). – Timeouts: Davos (26th minute); Nuremberg Ice Tigers (59:37). – goal post shots: Meyer (17th minute); Bast (2nd minute).