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Ambri-Piotta am 93.Spengler Cup

News - Ambri-Piotta am 93.Spengler Cup


Das Überflieger-Team der Saison 2018/19, der HC Ambri-Piotta nimmt 2019 erstmals in seiner Clubgeschichte am Spengler Cup Davos teil.

HC Ambri-Piotta is not your usual hockey club.  The local Leventina towns of Ambrì, Piotta, Scruengo, Varenzo, Ronco, Deggio, Lurengo and Altanca together total just over a thousand residents. Many times that number regularly comes together in the 7000 max. capacity home arena "Pista la Valascia". There is a good reason for this phenomena: the HCAP team has fans from all over Switzerland and even from across the border. There are 17 fan clubs across the country, with 3 more based in Italy.

It is already clear that many of these loyal fans will support their team’s debut at the Spengler Cup. The fan base of the "Biancoblu" – as they are locally known – has further grown during the 2018/19 season. Contrary to most prevailing predictions, Ambri reached the playoffs even though they had ended the previous season in second-last place. Achieving this feat for only the third time since 2006, and for the first time since 2014. Although they fell short of reaching the finals, Ambri’s hard work and successful season paid off with this long-anticipated invitation to the Spengler Cup.