After last year’s participation, Mountfield HK will return to Davos for the 91st edition of the Spengler Cup and will represent Czech hockey between Christmas and New Year’s.

For the second consecutive year, Mountfield HK will represent Czech hockey at the Spengler Cup in Davos. Attractive ice hockey and great atmosphere is guaranteed when the stars from Königgrätz put on their skates. The Czechs are eager to improve their success rate after their one win at last year’s tournament.

Last year was Mountfield’s premiere at the Spengler Cup. They surprised everyone by winning their first game 4:3 against the better-placed KHL team from Yekaterinburg. After that, they lost their second group game against Lugano with the same result. The team lost the quarter-finals game – their 3rd within 48 hours – against Team Canada who went on to win the Cup. Nevertheless, the team made a good impression. Their dedication and motivation impressed the Spengler Cup organizational committee so much that they received another invitation. “The Czech Republic is a large ice hockey nation. Which is why we always try to have a representative from this country at the Spengler Cup. We are very happy that Mountfield was eager to return to Davos”, said tournament director Marc Gianola.

Momentum gained at the Spengler Cup

The importance of participating at the Spengler Cup for Mountfield HK was demonstrated by head coach Vaclav Sykora already last year. He travelled to Switzerland in October 2016 to take part in the Spengler Cup media conference, leaving his team at home to play a league game coached by his assistant. “It helps us improve immensely to participate in such a high-quality international tournament”, Sykora said justifying his appreciation. At last year’s tournament, Mountfield gained the needed momentum for the second half of their league season. They placed 4th following the qualification round and kicked out Litvinov with 4:1 wins in the playoff quarter-finals before losing in the semi-finals against Kometa Brno with 2:4 games. Kometa Brno went on to win the championship. Mountfield ended the season in 3rd place – best ranking achieved in their history playing under this team name.