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100 Years of exciting hockey

Dr. Carl Spengler from Davos – son of Dr Alexander Spengler, who laid the foundations for Davos becoming a health resort – was an enthusiastic fan of the ice hockey club HC Davos, founded in 1921. In an effort to support his club, but also to promote contact between nations that had been on opposing sides during the First World War, he donated a challenge cup at Christmas in 1923. According to the foundation charter, he wanted to offer nations that had previously been enemies the opportunity to test their strength in peaceful battles and to take one another’s hand in friendship

HCD equals Team Canada's record


Host Davos won the trophy for the 16th time on the 100th anniversary of the tournament and is now the record winners together with Team Canada. Josh Holden's team remained unbeaten in all four games and defeated the Czech top team Dynamo Pardubice 5-3 in the final.

Ambri-Piotta is the name of the 30th champion


HC Ambri-Piotta creates history. They defeated Sparta Prague in a thrilling final 3:2 after a penalty shoot-out. This makes Ambri the 30th Spengler Cup champion in 99 tournament years, but only the fourth Swiss club to win the cup. It is also the most prestigious success in the history of the club.

After 2020, the 2021 event also had to be cancelled due to the Covid pandemic


Everything would have been ready.
The Spengler Cup organizers fought until the very end to hold the traditional tournament in 2021. At first, the OC was able to compensate for the Covid-related cancellation of two teams with replacement teams. But only about 24 hours before the first puck drop, the 94th edition had to be cancelled for the second time in a row. The canton withdrew the event permit after a virus outbreak in Davos.
leeres Stadion Spengler Cup

Due to the effects of the corona pandemic, the 2020 event had to be canceled


For the fifth time in its 98-year history and for the first time since 1956, the Spengler Cup cannot take place in 2020. Apart from all official restrictions to combat the spread of the virus: We couldn't imagine a Spengler Cup without a fan tent, without a hospitality building, in a half-empty stadium and without a standing room. Even with the best protection concept, a hockey festival would have been neither feasible nor useful.

Canadians set new record


Team Canada won the final of the 93rd Spengler Cup in Davos, defeating Czech champion Ocelari Trinec 4-0 on Tuesday afternoon.
2019 was their 36th consecutive appearance at he traditional tournament. The team from overseas made the finals 24 times. And with their 16th tournament victory, they have crowned themselves sole record Spengler Cup title holders. Team Canada had shared the previous record with HC Davos.
Champion 2019

KalPa Kuopio has written Spengler Cup history


They are the first Finnish team to win this world-famous club tournament. The deciding goal of this high-class thrilling game was only reached in the penalty shoot-out by Jaakko Rissanen in the 15th attempt.
Kalpa Kuopio - Sieger des 92. Spengler Cup Davos

Canada beats Swiss Olympic team


Team Canada celebrated not only its third title in a row and its 15th overall in the 91st Spengler Cup. In the final, they surprisingly beat Team Suisse 3-0 in impressive style. Despite the final defeat, the participation of Swiss Nati was a great success with the public and the media.

90st Anniversary


The Spengler Cup celebrates his 90th birthday; and Team Canada its 14th victory.
The Canadians are still missing one tournament victory to catch up with HC Davos (15 titles). For the first time the tournament is led by Marc Gianola.

Farewell of Fredi Pargätzi


In a first-class, high-tempo, exciting final Team Canada defeats HC Lugano 4-3 to win the tournament for the 13th time. The farewell of organizing committee president Fredi Pargätzi was just as emotional as the final minutes of the game. After 26 years Fredi Pargätzi will hand over the lead to his successor Marc Gianola.

Genève-Servette HC successfully defends its title


Genève-Servette HC takes the final 3-0 over Salavat Yulaev Ufa to celebrate its second major title in club history. The Swiss Romands played a convincing tournament from beginning to end and are deserving defending champions.

First title for Servette


Genève-Servette won the final game against CSKA Moscow 5-3 and celebrated the first big title in their team history. The team from western Switzerland is the third Swiss team to win the Spengler Cup. Aside from the record-holding winner host Davos, the ZSC Lions also won the tournament in 1944 and 1945.

Team Canada victory parade


The NHL lockout makes the Spengler Cup a true celebration of ice hockey. The tournament victory could only be taken by the spectacular Team Canada. They eventually won the final, beating hosts Davos 7-2, clinching their twelfth win at this traditional Davos tournament.

15th Victory for HC Davos


The host Davos wins the Spengler Cup for the first time since 2006 and for the 15th time in total. HCD defeats KHL representative Dinamo Riga 3-2 in the final match.

A new format


Six teams take part in the Spengler Cup for the first time. The tournament becomes more exciting once again thanks to the new format. Victory goes to SKA Saint Petersburg (Russia).

First belarusian victory


Dynamo Minsk provides Belarus with its first win in the tournament’s 83-year history with a 3-1 victory in the final over host HC Davos. The hero of the final match is Belarus’s national goaltender Andrei Mezin, who is also chosen as goalie of the tournament.

Cup goes to the russian capital


Dynamo Moscow are victorious with a 5-3 win against Team Canada. The Russians take the trophy back to the Russian capital after a break of 17 years.

Victory for Team Canada


Team Canada wins again after a four-year wait. They beat the top Russian team Salavat Yulaev Ufa in the final by a score of 2-1.

80th Tournament with two new teams


For the first time, Khimik Mytishchi (Russia) and Mora IK (Sweden) take part in the Spengler Cup. In the final, the host team triumphs over Team Canada, winning 3-2 after trailing 0-2.

Magnitogorsk enchants the audience


Metallurg Magnitogorsk emerges victorious. The Russians beat Team Canada 8-3. It is the first win for a Russian team since 1991.

Final live on czech TV


Davos beats Sparta Prague in the final (2-0). The fact that the final match is broadcast live on Czech TV shows the status of the event. Rick Nash’s matter-of-fact conclusion is fitting: “I think that only the Stanley Cup and the World Championships have a higher rating.” Goalie Jonas Hiller is the hero of the team from Davos.

Tenth Victory for Team Canada


Team Canada triumphs with a 7-4 win over host HC Davos. The Canadian representatives secure victory in the tournament for the tenth time since 1984 and also defend the title.



ZSC forward Jan Alston scores two goals in Team Canada’s 3-2 victory in the final against HC Davos. 84,480 spectators see the eleven games – the tournament is sold-out.

Title defended


Davos succeeds in defending its title and wins 4-3 (after extra time) against Team Canada.

Resurrection for Davos


HC Davos under coach Arno Del Curto wins the Spengler Cup for the first time after a 42-year wait.

«Mr Spengler Cup» Andy Murray


Team Canada wins for the third time in a row, for the sixth time under coach Andy Murray and for the seventh time overall. Murray becomes «Mr Spengler Cup».

First AHL-Team


The Rochester Americans become the first professional American team from the AHL to play in the tournament.

First scandinavian victory


The upturn in Scandinavian ice hockey is also felt in Davos. Färjestad becomes the first Swedish team to win the tournament in 1993 and 1994. On both occasions, it takes a decisive lead in the final period against a reinforced HC Davos. Its opponent HC Davos twice welcomes reinforcements in the shape of Vyacheslav “Slava” Bykov and Andrei Khomutov from HC Fribourg-Gottéron. Dmitri Yushkevich also joins the team in 1994.

New Dimensions


The Spengler Cup alters in the nineties under the new leadership of Fredi Pargätzi, particularly in terms of its framework. Marketing for the popular tournament becomes more professional, with sponsors being offered the care and attention they deserve. Turnover takes on new dimensions. The higher profit played an important role in HC Davos’s return to the topleague in Switzerland.

Two team from North America


Two North American teams take part in the form of Team Canada and the USA Selects. But the top goal scorer is a Russian – Sergei Pryakhin from Kryliya Moscow.

A final game once again


For the first time in the tournament’s modern era, it closes with a final game on New Year’s Eve. Sokol Kiev loses to Team Canada 6-9.

Team Canada


The enlistment of Team Canada from 1984 proves to be a clever move by Fredy Gfeller, OC President at the time. With their proverbial fighting spirit, their great commitment on the ice and their never-say-die attitude, the team from overseas immediately captures the hearts of spectators. Over 62,000 people experience the Spengler Cup live.

All seats sold for the first time


All seats are sold in advance for the first time. Over 54,000 spectators want to watch the Spengler Cup.

College team as new addition


For the first time since 1967, a team from overseas takes part in the shape of US college team Minnesota. HC Spartak Moscow defends the title it first won in 1980.

HC Davos participates again


After six years, a reinforced HC Davos takes part for the first time instead of the national team.

Under cover for the first time


The tournament is played under a roof for the first time. The number of spectators increases sharply by 11%, exceeding 40,000 for the first time.

Third victory for SKA Leningrad


The tournament is marked by snow, abandonments and cancellations. For the third time, it is decided by a penalty shootout. SKA Leningrad wins three out of its four games, clinching the tournament for the third time – after 1970 and 1971. Host HC Davos doesn’t take part in the tournament, as in previous years, and is represented by the Swiss national team.

Anniversary tournament


The USSR’s B-team wins the 50th competition. The club tournament principle is, however, pushed back to the forefront.

With Japan's olympic representatives


Japan’s Olympic representatives tour Europe ahead of the Olympic Games in Sapporo in 1972 and surprise with their third-place finish.

First russian participants


Russian players step onto the ice in Davos for the first time in the shape of Lokomotiv Moscow. Thanks to an 8-4 win over the Kingston Aces from Canada, they win the tournament straight away. In subsequent years, the duels between Soviet and Czechoslovakian teams become one of the highlights of the tournament.

Broadcast in six countries for the first time


Via Eurovision, the Spengler Cup is broadcast in six countries for the first time.

On artifical ice for the first time


The Spengler Cup takes place on artificial ice for the first time and is broadcast on television.

Warm weather sets in


The tournament suffers due to warm weather. The final match between Davos and Milan (6-2) doesn’t take place until 27 January 1959.

Cancellation due to war


These tournaments are cancelled following the outbreak of the Second World War. Basel, ZSC, Arosa/Bern and Davos play for the Coupe de Davos.

Replay in february


Following a fistfight, the deciding match between Prague and Davos is broken off and replayed in February. HCD wins 1-0.

Fighting among the spectators


The Spengler Cup is broadcast on Swiss radio for the first time. Due to a questionable decision from the referee, the final game between Diavoli Milano and HCD is marked by fighting among the spectators. The Italians win 2-1.

Second victory for HCD thanks to Torriani


Goals remain rare commodities this time too. A winner from Bibi Torriani settles the match between HCD and Rapid Paris in favour of the home team.

Two winners


The final game between LTC Praha and Oxford University in 1932 also goes down in history. It remains goalless, even after extra time, with both teams being declared tournament winners.

First victory for HCD


With a 3-2 win in the final game over Berlin, HC Davos celebrates its first Spengler Cup success.

5-5 after three hours


The final game between Berlin and Davos ends in snow with a score of 5-5 after almost three hours. It is replayed on 5 January. Berlin wins 2-1.

15 Teams


15 teams battle it out for victory. The captain of Berliner SC receives the winner’s trophy after a final victory over HCD. With this tournament, strong in terms of both numbers and quality, Davos becomes the ice hockey centre of Europe in one stroke. The Spengler Cup is for a long time seen as the unofficial European championships, while the cup is equated with the famous Davis Cup for tennis players in relation to its value as a trophy.

The first Spengler Cup


The first Spengler Cup match ever is Oxford University against Berliner SC (7:3). The tournament, which is also called the "International Ice Hockey Championship of Davos", starts with four participants; in addition to Oxford and Berlin with the Vienna EV and the HC Davos. Cambridge University joins on January 2, 24 and plays then against the rest of the teams. Oxford wins all his games and becomes the first tournament winner.