13.06.2018 17:00

The NHL superstar admitted to being a huge Spengler Cup fan


During his European trip the Captain of the Pittsburgh Penguins, Sidney Crosby, took the opportunity to practice at the “incredibly beautiful” Vaillant Arena for a few days. Included in his daily practices were not only weight and skill training but also sessions on the ice. The players and HCD staff enjoyed exchanging their experiences with Crosby during and between practices.

Crosby’s coach, Andy O’Brien - Director of Sports Science & Performance for the Pittsburgh Penguins, who advises the superstar all year-round - shared his knowledge of new and scientifically proven nutritional methods as well as the newest off-ice practices used in the NHL franchise.

Sidney Crosby is already recognized as the best and most successful hockey player of all time. Among other things, he is a double Olympic Champion, 3-time Stanley Cup Winner and World Champion which qualifies him as a member of the Triple Gold Club. Following these achievements, he also won the gold medal at the World Cup of Hockey in September 2016.

Wayne Gretzky says of Crosby: “He’s the best player in the game today.” This is equivalent to being knighted by the Queen.

Crosby admits he is a big fan of the Spengler Cup. Whenever possible, he follows the games of this traditional tournament live on TV. He regrets missing the opportunity to play for Team Canada at the Spengler Cup during the NHL lockout season of 2012.