23.12.2016 20:00

This year HK Mountfield Hradec Kralove will have its Spengler Cup premiere. As such, two ex-Hockey Club Davos stars are pleasantly anticipating the event. Aside from Jaroslav Bednar, Alexandre Picard has set himself a particular goal: The Spengler Cup title. It would be his third.


About 3 weeks ago, the former Davos and Servette forward, Alexandre Picard, began playing for the Czech Spengler Cup participant HK Mountfield Hradec Kralove with an option to extend his contract. The first few weeks with Mountfield were anything but simple. “At the beginning I wasn’t playing consistently. But in the meantime, I feel comfortable and have been trying to showcase my talents on a game-to-game basis.” The French-Canadian summarizes his talents with intensity, which means that he works hard to uncompromisingly check his opponents, concentrate on the defense and set an offensive accent with his scoring skills.

Why not Mountfield?

At HK Mountfield, he is a sought-after consultant being that he is a three-time Spengler Cup participant and has won the coveted cup twice with Genève-Servette. Even though the competition is very strong, Picard believes his new team can win: “The first time we won with Genève-Servette, no one expected it either. At Mountfield, we have 4 equally strong lines all of which are capable of scoring.” The basic structure of the team is well-balanced and the players are physically robust and agile. Alexandre Picard also emphasizes their strong goalie. He most certainly can envision a third Spengler Cup title. “That would be a great honor for me. But most of all, it would be fantastic for my teammates to also get to experience that overwhelming feeling.”

Forgotten Items

Weeks prior to the first puck being thrown in Davos, the players of HK Mountfield have been discussing the tournament. Whereby Picard gladly shared his experiences: “I was able to answer questions about the course of events. Also, I could tell they were all very excited and looking forward to it when I told them about the unique atmosphere, celebrating Christmas in Davos as well as playing in front of the unbelievable fans.”

There is not much time left for preparations or to worry about anything. On December 22nd the Spengler Cup participant will face the second-last team Pardubice in their home extra-league and has the opportunity to assure their 6th place with a fifth straight home-game win. Only 5 days later, the first 2 games within 2 days are on the Spengler Cup schedule.

Picard is not worried about the trip; there is only one thing that he must not forget to pack: “My skates.” Then he adds with a laugh: “I still have a few items in the Davos area.”