16.12.2016 13:00

The actual Spengler Cup app is now available at the Apple Store and on Google Play. 


Till 22 December 2016 you have the opportunity to win daily two tickets for the Spengler Cup. Download the Spengler Cup app, open the tab "Win Tickets", fill in the form and take part at the lottery.

The Game Center with live ticker and statitic data as well as the news keep you updated. In the Social Hub you have the possibility to follow the newest entries on Spengler Cup’s social channels Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and Instagram. 

A highlight of the App is its Lightshow function: fans with installed App can point the screen of their smartphones towards the rink when they are asked to. All smartphones together form up to a breathtaking Lightshow!

The ones who want to participate in the break games should pay attention to the stadium speaker: he will tell you to open the App and to click on Lightshow. The participants for the break game will then be drawn randomly: if your smartphone is still lit at the end you are in! And you have newly the opportunity to join the game directly in the App under "Break Game 1, 2 or 3". Good Luck!