30.12.2017 21:07

Team Canada wins the semi-final game against Mountfield 5:2


In the Saturday afternoon game, defending champion Team Canada qualified for the final of the 91st Spengler Cup by winning against Mountfield 5:2. Until just 4 minutes before the end of the game, the North Americans only led 3:2.

In the first 24 minutes, the Canadians demonstrated their confidence with extremely efficient shots-on-goal. David McIntyre took advantage of a confusing situation in front of Mountfield’s net to score the go-ahead goal (5.), Jay McClement increased the lead with a well-placed long shot (16.), and Cody Coloubef sunk the 3:1 at the beginning of the second period (24.).

Mountfield Hradec Kralove proved that their proclaimed goal of the tournament - to win the Spengler Cup - was not just hot air. Lukas Cingel closed the gap by scoring on a successful solo attack just 14 seconds after falling behind 0:2. Michal Dragoun (35.) brought the Czechs closer (2:3) in the second period with a successful counterattack while shorthanded. In the 50th minute, Canada’s goalie Kevin Poulin was able to prevent the Czech’s from equalizing the score with a spectacular save when he stopped the solo counterattack by the Czech world champion Petr Koukal. During their intense pursuit, Mountfield had several chances to score.

As such, the Canadians who - in the beginning phase seemed to be passive in order to save their strength for the final - ended up becoming quite nervous. Just 4 minutes before the end of the game, Zack Boychuk – 2008 NHL draft in the first round – shot the goal to assure the win for Team Canada in a power play situation. Martin Gernat was awarded a penalty even though it was only theatrics by one of the Canadian forwards. The 5th goal was shot by Maxim Noreau into the empty net just 19.6 seconds before game end.

Team Canada – Mountfield Hradec Kralove 5:2 (2:1, 1:1, 2:0)

Vaillant Arena, Davos. – 6300 spectators (sold-out). – REF Eichmann/Wehrli (Sz), Fluri/Obwegeser (Sz).

Scoring: 5. McIntyre (Lapierre, Parenteau) 1:0. 16. (15:09) McClement (D‘Agostini, Hickey) 2:0. 16. (15:23) Cingel (Smolenak, Lhotak) 2:1. 24. Goloubef (Kelly, Hamilton) 3:1. 35. Dragoun (Cingel excluded) 3:2. 56. Boychuk (Lapierre, Noreau/Gernat excluded) 4:2. 60. (59:41) Noreau (Hickey excluded) 5:2 (empty net).

Penalties: 2 times 2 minutes against Team Canada, 5 times 2 minutes against Mountfield Hradec Kralove.

Team Canada: Poulin; Noreau, Bartley; Hickey, Goloubef; Schultz, Davies; Petscheng; Raymond, Kelly, Thomas; McIntyre, Parenteau, Lapierre; Boychuk, Ebbett, Sikura; Hamilton, McClement, Evans, D‘Agostini.

Mountfield Hradec Kralove: Rybar; Planek, Vydareny; Zamorsky, Cibulskis; Gregorc, Granak; Gernat; Kohler, Simanek, Dragoun; Kukumberg, Dzerins, Bednar; Koukal, Vopelka, Cerveny; Cingel, Lhotak, Berger, Smolenak.

Notes: 22. shot against the bar, Sikura. 51. shot against the bar, Parenteau. 57th minute timeout for Mountfield Hradec Kralove.