12.12.2018 08:47

The 3rd edition of the Spengler Cup Yearbook was presented during the press conference

The 3rd edition of the Spengler Cup Yearbook was presented during the press conference; it’s focus being the 1940’s. This decade brought forth three very difference winners  – Zurich SC, the LTC Prague team as well as Hockey Club Davos.

The 96 year-old Heinz Hinterkircher likes to think back to this time in history. He was just 16-years old at his Spengler Cup debut with the Zurich SC team. The shadow of the war was still felt by many athletes, sometimes resulting in horrible fates. One such example was when the Czech - Bohumil Modry - one of the best ice hockey players of the time, was imprisoned in 1950.

Twenty years have passed since Mark Streit – the first Swiss ice hockey player to play consistently in the NHL and progress to a leader role – participated in the Spengler Cup. To this day he is still a Spengler Cup enthusiast: “In 2017, I had the opportunity to experience the Spengler Cup from a very different perspective – as a spectator. It is fascinating to see the magnetizing affect this traditional tournament has on the audience. The spectacular games, the teams you don’t usually get to see live and the many people you meet at this time of year are what makes it so special.” And this is the case at the 2018 Spengler Cup. Naturally, the Yearbook also lists the game times and team portraits of the 92nd Spengler Cup.

The 2018 Spengler Cup Yearbook is available in the Hockey Club Davos fan shop and copies will be displayed in the Davos stadium as well as the surrounding hotels and restaurants.